Roof Asset Management Program

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You know the old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  

Your roof is no exception.  While skipping on maintenance can reduce short-term budgets, it will usually result in larger repairs down the road, as well as a much shorter lifespan, ultimately diminishing the return on your investment.

With our Roof Asset Management Program, managing your roof (or roof portfolio) couldn’t be easier, and the benefits will no doubt prove to be the most economical approach to managing your roof.    

Prolong Roof Life

Like most equipment and machinery, a roof system experiences wear and tear, and will eventually fail.  By performing regular inspections, making repairs before small issues grow into large problems, and completing maintenance suggested by the manufacturer, you will preserve and extend the life of your roof.  

Priority Service

Even the best roof systems can experience damage and leaks, and virtually every climate in the United States has been experiencing severe thunderstorms over the last few years.  In many cases, roofing companies were booked for months after (and long after the next storm).  Should your roof experience damage, you will automatically get to moved the front of our service line.    

Keep Warranty Intact

Roof manufacturers provide detailed specifications for installation, maintenance and repair.  A deviation as simple as using asphalt-based patching on a PVC thermoplastic membrane, or simply foregoing a small, but required maintenance task can (and usually will) void the manufacturer’s warranty.  We assist with monitoring for ongoing compliance with the warranty of your particular roof system, and we ensure that our technicians have the specifications readily available when they’re working onsite.   

Photos & Documentation - Available Online 24/7

We not only monitor, photograph and document your roof system throughout its life, but we make this information available to you at our secure client portal.

  • Track remaining roof life.
  • View photos right after they’re taken.  
  • View repair status, or an overall roof assessment 24 hours a day.  
  • Receive email notification when new information is posted to your account. 
  • Review service history for any property in a well-organized system — any time of day. 

Forecast Expenditures & Eliminate Surprises

It’s never a good day when you’re unexpectedly presented with information about your roof being due for a complete replacement.  Our program will not only make recommendations to help prevent unforeseen problems and expenses, but also assist with planning for future improvements and providing for ample, stress-free time to review, budget and prepare accordingly.

Roof Portfolios

If you happen to be a facility or property manager, or you own a number of real estate assets, you already know that keeping up with multiple roofs can be a daunting task.  Whether the issue is paperwork, budgeting or having to manage properties that are out of state, our service is specifically designed to handle each of these complications.  You have one, easy to use system to track your whole roof portfolio, and we are your single point of contact to manage every roof in every state.  


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