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About Us

Global Roofing Group opened for business in 1971, and has steadily grown into a leading national roofing contractor serving clients in nearly all 50 states.

Our Beginning

Headquartered in Arizona, our founders held specialized knowledge in chemistry, polymer science, and insulation. Thoroughly understanding the composition of roofing and building materials, we were able to solve large and complex roofing and waterproofing problems that puzzled other contractors and manufacturers. We quickly grew throughout the southwestern United States, completing many noteworthy projects including:

Our People

Leadership Team

Most of the staff and technicians at Global Roofing Group have been with us for many years, and all are trained to provide the highest quality of service. These employees take pride in their work and are compensated well for doing so. We recognize the talents of our key people and the continuity they bring to our organization. We have and prefer to keep a highly skilled workforce that creates synergy in our organization.

Our Approach

We live and operate by our business philosophy of providing "Value Engineered Roofing” at a competitive price. With "Value Engineered" solutions, we not only design services and solutions that fall within our clients’ criteria and budget but in many cases, create substantial, ongoing energy savings as well.

Global Roofing Group specializes in prompt execution of work. Our highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art equipment get the job done in a timely manner. We are acutely aware of your need to continue business, and we are savvy to the importance of punctual, courteous and non-disruptive service.

Quality Guarantee - "We have a 100% satisfaction rating. We understand that it is better to do the job right the first time because it costs us less, and builds immeasurable goodwill. We make this commitment to you up-front and you can hold us to it.”

Our Products & Technology

When you hire Global Roofing Group, you are hiring a company that has the utmost respect from the best manufacturers. We use only the finest, most accurate processes and certified materials / applications available. Our team is well educated on the latest technologies, and is there to assist with creating the best roofing solution for each property. We have relationships with just about every major supplier and manufacturer should you have a particular product you’d like to use.

Our vehicles, tools and equipment are maintained to the highest standard, which further prepares our team to quickly respond to any job (or storm for that matter). Our capacity provides for completion of large projects in a short time - such as the installation of more than 100,000 sq. ft. of roofing in one day.

Our Future

With over four decades of experience and success, Global Roofing Group has matured as an industry leader in all areas of roofing. We’re excited to be serving clients across the United States and continuing to grow through longterm relationships and referrals. We invite you to join our list of satisfied customers — you will find we have built our business on trust, excellence and integrity.

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